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Beginner ab work out !!

I’ve watched ALOT of ab work outs and read alot of ab work out articles and from what I’ve noticed the ones that claim to be ‘beginner’ usually aren’t. Personally I’ve found they either use moves I’ve never heard of or the timings are just crazy or there is no rest time and while all these videos and articles are obviously adjustable, I’ve put together a little 10 minute work out combining the moves that I feel are beginner and defiantly doable, but still challenging.

Timings and rest:
Since we’re doing this for 10 minutes, I picked 10 exercises. So we’re going to do each exercise for 40 seconds followed my a 20 second rest.
– If you’re a complete beginner, try 30 seconds with a 30 second rest.
– If you feel this is too easy then try 60 seconds with a 20 second rest, or stick to the 40 seconds but have no rest (you will die).

The workout:

– Crunches

How to do it:
I’m pretty sure we all know what a crunch is but just in case, lay on your back with your knees up and feet flat. I like to out my arms straight up so they’re at 90 degrees to my body and then tense your stomach and crunch so your hands touch your knees.Only your head and chest should leave the ground.

Don’t sit all the way up, by doing crunches instead of sit ups we engage more of the ab muscles so make sure you are tensing that stomach hard.

– One leg crunches

How to do it:
Exactly the same as a crunch, but rather that having both feet flat on the ground we are going to straighten one leg and hold it up. Your knees should still be together, if you cant straighten your leg then having it bent is fine, just make sure you hold that leg up and CRUNCH.

We do 40 seconds on one leg, 20 second rest, then 40 second on the other leg (this counts as 2 of the 10 exercises)

– Plank

How to do it:
Again, I’m sure we all know what a plank is and am probably dreading doing this.
Facing the floor, have your forearms on the floor, you can have your palms flat or you can join your hands for balance. put your legs straight being you and hold yourself up. You should be making a straight line with your body, keeping your butt low.
Make sure you’re tensing them ab muscles. After about 30 seconds of this i am shaking.

If you find this too hard, then you can go onto your knees, but make sure you are still holding that straight line and really tensing them abs.

– Toe touch

How to do it:
This is another crunch variation, I FEEL it when i do crunches.
Start in the same position as a normal crunch, lift both legs up so they’re as straight with a slight bend . Then put your arms up again and crunch them abs pulling yourself straight up till you touch your toes. Again, it should only be your head and shoulders that leave the floor.

If this is too hard, you can always lean your legs against something like a wall.

– Reverse crunch

How to do it:
Starting with the classic crunch position which I’m sure you’ve mastered by now. Keep your knees and feet together tense them abs and lift your legs up so they are parallel to the floor (still keep the knees bent and together). Slowly lower your legs back down keeping them abs tensed and the movements controlled, try not to touch the floor, keep your stomach tensed the whole time. Have your arms by your side for balance remember to keep it controlled.

If this is to hard then put your feet down and relax them abs for a second before lifting your legs up again.

– Heel touch

How to do it:
Lay on your back, knees up, feet flat on the ground. Using them abs lift your shoulders and chest off the group slightly (imagine doing a half crunch) and then hold it. Controlling them abs, lean slightly to left so that your hand taps your heel or ankle then lean to the right and do the same. Make sure you’re tensing that stomach and do this one fast. As well as your abs this will work the muscles on the sides of your body, either side of your abs.

– Leg lift

How to do it:
Lay flat on the floor, arms flat on the floor for balance, tense your stomach and lift your legs up keeping them together and as straight as you can. Slowly lower them back down trying not to touch the floor. This exercise will burn your abs but also work your thighs.

If you find this to hard, try lifting one leg at a time.

– Side step plank

How to do it:
Get back into that normal plank position with legs straight and push your self up with your toes keeping your butt low and your body straight. Once your in the position and your 40 seconds has started, lift your left leg out to the left tap the floor and bring it back to the middle. Then lift your right leg, bring it out to the right, tap the floor and bring it back to the middle. Keep side stepping for THE WHOLE 40 seconds.

If you find planks too hard then do it for a shorter amount of time, or just do a normal plank.

– Crunch

How to do it:
You know how to crunch by now! On this last set tense hard, do as many as you can, after this one you are done !

REMEMBER TO BREATH ! Remember to stay controlled, If you try this out then let me know !


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Tuesday – Food day.


Okay, so I’m aware this is the worst photo in the world, but I had to put something in here. One thing I want to use this for is to help me keep track of my ‘diet’ and my progress through my ‘diet’ and gym going.

So as I only started doing this today I only remembered to take one photo (not like i ate anything interesting today anyways). But i’ll break down my favourite meals and nutrition and stuff so hopefully that will help me know whats best for me to eat…….

Honestly I didn’t eat particularly good today, I had porridge for breakfast, Toast for lunch with some granola and yogurt as a snack (This is what is in the terrible picture below and I will put the 2 things I used and the nutrition at the bottom), then I had beans on toast dinner. As well as all this i have about 10 cups of tea, over all its added up to me eating 1161 calories today which is not bad at all (i try to stick to 1200).

Honey, almond and vanilla granola:
–¬†alpro soya dessert – vanilla (125g)

106 calories, 17g carbs, 2.4g fat, 4g protein
Quaker oats granola, Honey&Almond (20-30g)
130 calories, 21.1g carbs, 3.4g fat, 2.7g protein

Just chuck both these things in a bowl, can add some fruit or chocolate chips or swap the soy dessert for a different flavour or just for milk or whatever you want for extra flavour but I’m boring and like it like this.
All together this has:
-236 Calories
-38.1g carbs
-5.8g fat
-6.7g protein

This would make a super good filling breakfast or you could lower the amount you use and have a nice quick snack.
It is also a good thing to pair with a cup of tea.