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Tuesday – Food day.


Okay, so I’m aware this is the worst photo in the world, but I had to put something in here. One thing I want to use this for is to help me keep track of my ‘diet’ and my progress through my ‘diet’ and gym going.

So as I only started doing this today I only remembered to take one photo (not like i ate anything interesting today anyways). But i’ll break down my favourite meals and nutrition and stuff so hopefully that will help me know whats best for me to eat…….

Honestly I didn’t eat particularly good today, I had porridge for breakfast, Toast for lunch with some granola and yogurt as a snack (This is what is in the terrible picture below and I will put the 2 things I used and the nutrition at the bottom), then I had beans on toast dinner. As well as all this i have about 10 cups of tea, over all its added up to me eating 1161 calories today which is not bad at all (i try to stick to 1200).

Honey, almond and vanilla granola:
–¬†alpro soya dessert – vanilla (125g)

106 calories, 17g carbs, 2.4g fat, 4g protein
Quaker oats granola, Honey&Almond (20-30g)
130 calories, 21.1g carbs, 3.4g fat, 2.7g protein

Just chuck both these things in a bowl, can add some fruit or chocolate chips or swap the soy dessert for a different flavour or just for milk or whatever you want for extra flavour but I’m boring and like it like this.
All together this has:
-236 Calories
-38.1g carbs
-5.8g fat
-6.7g protein

This would make a super good filling breakfast or you could lower the amount you use and have a nice quick snack.
It is also a good thing to pair with a cup of tea.